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Invisalign, which both dentists and orthodontists approve, is a good alternative for many people looking for straighter teeth. A succession of transparent plastic "aligners" are used in the Invisalign orthodontic alignment system.

General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Main Street Dental provides general dentistry in North Baltimore, OH, to help your entire family's smiles stay beautiful, strong, and healthy. We have your best interest in mind whether you need a simple annual oral exam or extensive dental work.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of teeth, mouth, and smile. It mainly deals with alignment, color, shape, size, and overall aesthetic.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Are you wondering why you should choose a dental implant? It can be challenging to select the ideal tooth replacement solution. However, given the advantages they offer patients, dental implants are a preferred option. 

Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is much more than just a pretty smile. Dr. Michael O'Neill and Dr. Emily Spetka crafts your new smile to look natural and complement the rest of your appearance.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a branch of dentistry that uses sedatives to help patients relax during dental procedures. There are different types of sedation, ranging from light sedation, which causes drowsiness, to general anesthesia, which renders patients unconscious.

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Welcome to
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First Class Wellness and Dentistry

Welcome to Main Street Dental. Are you looking for the best dentist in North Baltimore, OH? We provide better care and beautiful dental results due to our experience, integrity, and skill. Our skilled staff, led by dentists Dr. Michael O’Neill and Dr. Emily Spetka, provides high-quality, relaxing care that will last so you may have the smile you’ve always wanted. Our dental practice’s guiding principle is establishing relationships with our patients based on trust and respect. We listen to your dental care concerns and encourage you to ask questions. As we work together to create your stunning new smile, we address all of your problems before treatment and keep you informed.

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Comprehensive Dentistry

We can give our patients the high-quality dental care they need thanks to a level of excellence in individualized dental care. We offer comprehensive treatment planning and utilize restorative and cosmetic dentistry to attain your utmost dental health. In addition to emergency dental care, root canals, dental bonding, dental crowns, and other general dental operations, Main Street Dentistry provides a full spectrum of general dental services for the entire family. Our goal is to provide patients with the exceptional oral treatment they need to have a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime. We place a strong emphasis on preventive dentistry and provide cutting-edge procedures to replace or repair teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile.

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State-of-the-Art Dental Care & Technology

We employ state-of-the-art dental technology. We utilize the latest dentistry techniques and procedure advancements to provide our patients with top-notch service. We are dedicated to ongoing education and development to provide you with the most exemplary service and results. We go to dental lectures, meetings, and conventions to learn about the newest products, procedures, and tools we may use to deliver cutting-edge dental care in a modern dentistry office. We can stay current on developments and suggestions for our profession thanks to our ongoing access to the best procedures and technologies.

A Positive Approach to Dentistry

Your Comfort

Thanks to our dental experts, you're about to have an excellent dental experience. We work in a laid-back setting with patient rooms that we designed with your comfort in mind.


Under one roof, you'll find everything you need in a dentist's office. You can find the finest solutions for you and your family with the assistance of our knowledgeable and helpful staff. We are your one-stop shop for all your dental needs.

Positive Experience

Our success depends on building trust with our patients and treating them as unique individuals. We are aware of some patients' anxiety before dental appointments, which is why we create a calming and comfortable experience.

We Listen

In our office, we know that you are ultimately responsible for the well-being of your smile. We take our time learning about your goals and needs throughout your appointment. We work together to create a treatment plan and ensure you know all your options.

Invidivdualized Care

We consider the patient as a whole when providing care. When you come in for your initial appointment, we'll talk about why you want to improve your smile and ask you how you feel about it. You will be heard, and we will talk about your desired smile goals.

Education & Prevention

We firmly believe that education and preventative care are the foundations of good oral health. Because of this, we encourage complete examinations, including assessing the general condition of your teeth and gums, tests for oral cancer, and using x-rays to confirm a diagnosis.